There is a lot to play around with Facebook’s advance targeting, apart from using its “Custom Audience” and “Look-A-Like Audience”. The thing about Facebook targeting is the number of combination you can enter. You will never run out of targeting with the endless possibilities…

That’s why you shouldn’t limit yourself to the existing target audience you know! Explore new combinations and alternative uses to facebook advertising. Here are 5 Facebook targeting for Singapore businesses to get creative:

#1: Target for PR and Media Promotion

Who says Facebook ads are meant for your clients or customers only? There are 3 million users in Facebook right now and many of them are journalist who may be interested to write about your business.

So let’s say I am a restaurant owner and will be having my store opening in 2 week’s time. I could create an ad to attract these journalists and writers to my store opening! This will be how i set my targeting:

  • Target those who list their job titles as JournalistReporterWriter (If you are confident, you can target those with Food Critic title too)
  • Target those whose company provides food guides and reviews written by their staff (e.g. Time Out, Burpple, etc)

You can find this under Demographic> Work> Employers or Job Titles.

The idea is to target all potential media that may cover your event and those who are in existing media company. It doesn’t only apply to restuarants! All businesses need PR coverage from time-to-time, right?

You would probably realise this targeting has a very small reach in Singapore.

Well, that’s because Singapore is a small state with not many journalists. So if you are trying this targeting, click into “Show Advance Options” and change “Optimisation for Advert Delivery” to “Daily unique reach”.

Quick Guide to Optimisation for Advert Delivery

Usually Facebook would have pre-set the advert delivery to optimise it towards an action which is aligned with your campaign objective. This means if your campaign objective is Post Engagement, it will be optimised for the actions that contributes to Post Engagement such as likes, shares or comments. Facebook will specifically target people who are likely to interact with your content. Similarly, if your campaign objective is Lead Generation, the ads will be optimised to collect leads.

However, because the target group above is small, Daily Unique Reach is more suitable as it targets as many people in the group while limiting the frequency the post appears on their feed to once a day. This avoids a phenomena, called ad fatigue, which happens when your target audience see an ad so many times that they begin to ignore it. In the long run, your ad will appear to be un-engaging and Facebook will stop pushing for your ad to be promoted. Daily Unique Reach solves this problem by controlling the frequency.

Another option you can see (but I wouldn’t recommend using it) is Impression. Optimisation by impression pushes your ad to as many people as possible within the target group, without a limit on the frequency. This is a dangerous optimisation as you easily incur high cost from the frequency and reach, while risking ad fatigue. I would only use this if I need to get an ad out, as fast as possible, towards a target group that I know will respond well to the ad.

#2: Target The Retrenched

“How is it possible to target them?”, you might ask.

For this you need a combination of offline sources – news papers or word-of-mouth (of course, you can read online news too). Read up if any big company are retrenching and target your ad to employees of the particular company. How to find the employees of the company? They are hidden at Demographic> Work> Employers. 

Take this news from The Independent as an example.

This is a good opportunity for businesses who are hiring or offering potential solution for the retrenched.

Once again, this is a small targeting. So remember to change your Advert Delivery Optimisation setting.

Bonus Idea:

People who are recently retrenched will be worried about their financial stability, family and future. If your ads can trigger their protective nature to safeguard these aspects of their life, it would be very (VERY) well received.

BUT! Please do consider the emotional turmoil they are facing due to the retrenchment and be careful with your words or offers. Otherwise, your ad could easily backfire. Don’t merely capitalise on their emotional state, offer them valuable solution that can genuinely help them.

Here is an ebook that can help you to create the valuable content that is appreciated and does not appear aggressive or condescending:

#3: Target SMEs Which Are Looking Into Growing The Company

For B2B companies, this would be a particular interesting targeting to expand your marketing reach. The problem with finding this group of audience is the diffficulty in  differentiating business owners who are willing to invest and grow their company. It really takes a business owner to know one.

But we have found the right targeting to reach out to them… The secret is to  to target business owners who are interested in governmental grants and agency.

You can find Business Owners under Behaviours> Digital Activities> Small Business Owners. To find those who are interested to spend money for their company’s growth, narrow the targeting to include those interested in SPRING, IE, and ARAC.

Based on my experience, the target number above are just right for a Facebook ad; not too big and not too small. For this, retain the pre-set advert optimisation setting for the best results.

#4: Target Customers With An Upcoming Anniversary, Birthday or Wedding Event

For B2C companies, this would be particularly useful. Facebook allows you to target friends of newly weds or friend of people with birthday in a few days’ time or, even those who have an upcoming anniversary.

All these are under the Demographic> Life Events > Anniversary or Friends of.

Imagine what kind of promotion that you can do with this information!

The number of people in this group is much bigger, as compared to our previous suggestion. To maximise your reach to people who would be willing to buy from you, retain the pre-set advert delivery optimisation setting.

#5:  Target The Wonder-Lust

Travelling has become an increasing popular activity in Singapore. According to Statistic Singapore, 50% of 2.8 million residents, aged 15 years old and above, travel at least once a year. Facebook has an interesting targeting for this under BehavioursTravel.For companies related to the travelling industry, this would be a great targeting to reach out to different types of travellers. Your offers would be relevant and particularly eye-catching to these users.The number of reach the option above is going to be massive. You’ll probably need a little narrowing and it is best if it’s a criteria that is most relevant to your product/offer.

For example: You are selling camping tools for people who likes to travel overseas for outdoor camping, the best narrowing criteria would be to add an additional Interest in camping or nature.

If you are trying any of the targeting above, do let us know! We will be more than happy to listen to your progress and any concerns you have!

And… If you are looking for more articles on targeting, we have one on the existing targeting cheats created by Facebook.

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Shirley Yam
Shirley specialises in Facebook marketing and lead generation. Under Tangylab, she has helped local and international companies to achieve their marketing and sales goals through various advertisements and campaigns. She actively seeks to understand customer’s digital behaviour and is interested to share what she has learnt with others to help them optimise their digital efforts.