Photos are becoming increasingly easy to retrieve online. You can basically search for any word and find pretty decent photos on any search engines or even on social media sites.

But be warned: many of these are NOT for commercial uses. This means you can get sued by the photographer or illustrator if they found out that you have been using it on your ads, website or in any form of marketing.Just to let you know the severity of the situation: News publisher Agence France-Presse and stock photo provider Getty Image had to pay $1.2 million to a freelance photojournalist, named Daniel Morel, because they took the image he posted on Twitter for their own commercial use.  That’s not a small sum.

That’s why it is super important to find free stock images that will keep you safe from any copyright infringement. Here are 5 sites that can help you to find free, high-resolution stock images that you can use without worry:

#1: Pexels

Pexels is a great place to search for artistic scenic shots and human portraits that make really cool website background. Many of their photos don’t even require you to attribute back to the original photographer!

#2: Unsplash

If you looking for a scenic photograph and can’t find it on Pexels, Unsplash is another site that you can tap on.

Their photos are more focused on landscape, nature, inanimate objects and animals, rather than human portrait. The photos are so well-taken that you can spend hours just scrolling through all of them in admiration.

#3: Freepik

Freepik is my favourite site for icons and illustrations.

They do have portrait and scenic photographs but they have the most extensive collection of free, high resolution icons and illustrations that I have seen so far. So if you are looking for images to create your next infographic, freepik will be your heaven.

#4: Pixabay

As far as I know, Pixabay has the most comprehensive photo gallery of Asians. As you know, it’s pretty hard to see Asians on free stock images, but we still need them since we are marketing to the Asian market. What better to portray the benefit of our product/service to your Asian market than an Asian stock photo?

 #5: Search Engine

Let’s not forget our search engines! They are still great source of images. You just have to know how to find the right images.

So, let’s say you are searching for human portrait on Google. You’ll search it under image and there they show a list of photos. What you need to do is to locate the “Search tools” tab, then click “Usage right”. Under “Usage right”, just click “Filter for reuse” and you will find those images that you can use without infringing any copyright.If you are confident in your photo editing skills, you can click “Filter for reuse with modification” for more photo selection.If you are using Yahoo, just search for the image that you want, click on “Any License” and filter based on “Free to modify, share and use commercially” or “Free to share and use commercially” to download your images.We cannot guarantee the resolution of these images, but at least you know you won’t end up in a law suit because of your marketing images!

Once you have your images,  you can use them to build a high conversion landing page or… may be you want to create ad designs for the latest Facebook ad – lead ads? It’s all up to your creativity!

Have fun playing around!

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Shirley Yam
Shirley specialises in Facebook marketing and lead generation. Under Tangylab, she has helped local and international companies to achieve their marketing and sales goals through various advertisements and campaigns. She actively seeks to understand customer’s digital behaviour and is interested to share what she has learnt with others to help them optimise their digital efforts.