Are you currently running or promoting a retail business? As with every trending event, there is always an opportunity for newsjacking and leveraging on the current buzz and hype to give your business the Social Media boost in a free and organic way.

Of course, Pokemon Go has been released to the Singapore market just a few days ago and we as  marketers must grab hold of this opportunity!

In this article, you will find 5 ways to grow your business using Pokemon GO. So let’s catch them all!

1. Tying Your Social Media Activation With Pokemon Go

To make sure your business is getting some social exposure, encourage players to be more engaged in your social media profiles. Here’s an example from Japan IPL Express. They created a contest, which offered a free scooter when their contestants  formed a complete Pokemon Go image from their GIF Puzzle, as seen below. Contestants had to take a screen shot of the complete image,  upload it to the comments section and tag two  friends in the post. One lucky contestant will win this scooter. This simple engagement activity has indeed created high social media engagement, and the Japan IPL Express post was greatly shared by many.

2. Get Your Customers to Take Pictures of their Pokemon With Your Products

One way to drive customers to tag your store products on social media is to offer special deals when they do so. When Pokemon Go players see a Pokemon right in front of them, they will  start aiming their poke balls at the Pokemon.

You can use this opportunity to get players to take screen shot of the Pokemon they are aiming to catch. Once they are being caught, players can upload the screen shot, and tag those screen shot with your business name to enjoy special shop discounts.

To make this more exciting, additional offers could apply to the items that appear in the screen shot taken with the Pokemon in it.  You can even consider rewarding greater deals if they managed to catch a rare Pokemon in your store.

Here’s an example of how such a photo can look like, within a fabric store.

A Charmander spotted in store.

3. Getting Your Customers to Check-in while playing Pokemon Go

The other method to make sure your business gets social engagement is to encourage players to check in to your business venue while playing.  To hook them in, you can consider offering a free gift or even discounts on the next purchase they make from your store. This can be a great strategy to  retain them  with just one visit made by them to your store.  Enticing deals must be well thought through, as this is key to hook the players to check in and play at your premises.

4. Use Pokemon Lure Module to Encourage More Users To Visit Your Store During Off Peak Hour.

Another way you can boast your social media engagement is to get player to play at your store during off-peak period. Put up a signage or Use your social media channels to invite people to come play at your location, during certain timing.

To get people “Crazy” to come down to your store, purchase a lure at SGD1.48 and plant a lure there every hour.

Without it will take more than 30 mins or more to find a Pokemon. With a lure, you can easily find a Pokemon every 5 mins or less.

You can plant the lure during off-peak period and periodically to get people staying.

5. Building More Organic Buzz With Trending Topics

You can take this opportunity to boost social media engagement by creating relevant content based on what is currently trending. Of course, always remember to subtly tie it back to your company values and offering instead of just creating content to join the hype. Here are two great examples.


Once again, with every trend, there are always huge opportunities to leverage on and grow your business. Whether this trend will be a 3 months hype or a 3 years hype, we will never know. But whatever it is, if you take action NOW, you will see results.

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Norman Yeo
Norman Yeo is the General Manager of Tangy Lab Group Pte Ltd, a social media agency dedicated to help companies to fulfill their marketing objectives through Digital Marketing. Norman has helped various organizations, from SMEs to MNCs, to build brand loyalty and achieve actual ROI from Digital Marketing. He has increased his client’s reach & engagement by more than 25 times, and generated ROI on Sales of more than 15 times for them. Some of the notable companies he has worked with include 3M Singapore, The Hourglass, NTUC, Sime Darby (Thrifty Car Rental), CapitalMall Asia, AVAYA, SPH Plug & Play, etc.