We shared on the 5 essential elements of landing page some time back, so we thought we should follow it up with examples created by notable lead generation marketers and companies.

As Groucho Marx says “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” We have extracted some features that we love and could work for you from the landing page examples.

Landing Page 1: Spotify

Spotify has been one of the most popular music streaming apps that has successfully converted their leads (non-premium users) to paying customers (premium users).

Here is their landing page for family package:

3 Features Of Spotify’s Landing Page That Could Work For You:

#1: Lots of White Space (Strongly Recommended)

White space is basically the empty space surrounding the text and images. It’s a design rule to include white space in any visuals ( website, ads, etc).

Without white space, the site would look cluttered and difficult for reader’s eyes to navigate. Putting more white space between your icons, text and any background design makes your site aesthetically appealing and neat.

#2: Headline and Subheading For Quick Reading (Strongly Recommended)

The habit of the modern digital readers is to skim through online content, before deciding if it’s worth their time to read. Since we cannot change their habit, we can only adapt.

Short headline helps your customer with their initial skimming. Just by reading the headlines, your readers should be able to get the gist of your content, and know what value and benefit they can gain. Just like how Spotify did.

#3: Big, Eye-Catching Fonts

Big fonts mean readers cannot possibly miss crucial information you want them to read. But I know not all landing pages would be able to put up such big fonts like Spotify. With big fonts size, you will need a short and sweet body of cotent so that your readers don’t have to keep scrolling.

I’m not trying to say that long landing page is ineffective! In fact, long copy works better if your readers need more persuasion or if you are using a story to capture your readers.

What I’m trying to say is no matter your length, big fonts works for landing page. We did an A/B testing and found that minimum font size of 16 for the content body and 38 for the heading works well for long copy. For a short copy, you can go even bigger.

Landing Page 2: Uber

Uber has been aggressively trying to recruit more drivers and users in Singapore.

In their landing page, they choose to address to both potential drivers and users. We wouldn’t recommend having 2 target groups with vastly different needs because it dilutes the chance to customise and create a highly targeted conversion campaign. But there may be other considerations of which we are unaware.

Nonetheless, let’s look at what we can learn from their landing page:

3 Features of Uber’s Landing Page That Could Work For You:

#1: Intuitive FAQ

Building trust is to tear the wall of doubt down. When we are introduced to a new product, we naturally have a wall build around us so that we can filter obvious frauds. What Uber did is to reduce the height of that wall by putting out the frequently-asked-questions (FAQ) on the landing page.

They knew what new customers and drivers are going to ask them so they clarified it early. This  is a signal to the readers that they are experienced with new drivers and customers, and care for them by offering a solution to their problems.

#2: Photo and Written Testimonials (Strongly Recommended)

Testimonials are written endorsement to the ability of the brand to meet the needs and wants of their drivers. Research has also shown that if potential customer read the testimonial of a satisfied customer of similar background, they are more likely to become customers of the company. Uber did just that and also added photos to show them how their satisfied customer look like so that they can better relate themselves to the customer.

In my opinion, Uber did a particularly great job with the testimonials by choosing to add a testimonial from an “unlikely drivers”, like the Caucasian lady, to break down stereotypes of taxi drivers. It’s a subtle statement saying, “Anyone can be a respectable driver”.

No matter what, adding testimonials or reviews are a definite YES to improve your landing page.

#3: Photo of Asian Model

Uber is an international brand. They could have jolly well used a photo of a handsome Caucasian like many other brands did. But by choosing to use an Asian model at the top of their landing page, it makes it easier for local readers to relate to their brand and their services.

Of course, the best photos are always original ones that you hire a professional photographer to take. But if you have budget constraits, I have a list of site that provide free stock photos. Do remember to pick photos of asian before resorting to photos caucasians.  Some of the free sites has a healthy stock of asian photos.

Landing Page 3: Bluehost

Bluehost is a web hosting website which is highly recommended by another digital marketing guru – Neil Patel.

If Neil Patel endorses them, their marketing strategy must be working well. Let’s have a look at how good their landing page is:

3 Features of Bluehost’s Landing Page That Could Work For You:

#1: Endorsement from Thought Leader

Thought leaders are basically celebrities and idols within their industry. Their endorsements allow you to tap into their fan base and increase reach to your potential customers. Case in point: I only got to know about Bluehost through Neil.

If you have received the endorsement from thought leader, either in form of a recommendation or testimonials, then congratulations! Try asking them if you could include them inside your landing page. If not, try to tap into your network to see if you can make something work.

#2: Money-Back Guarantee

Who wouldn’t like to have quality assurance? Money-back guarantee provides just that assurance. Readers will be thinking, “I’m just going to try this. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just get my refund”.

And that’s all Bluehost need to get more users hooked to their platform. But before implementing money-back guarantee, think through it and decide if this strategy is suitable for your company.

#3: Reiterate Selling Points

Noticed how a few points, like money-back guarantee, expert support and one-click install, are repeated twice? Once at the very top of the page and a second time with more details added in.

Bluehost summarised their selling point at the front to capture the attention of potential users then go on to explain how these benefits can help them in their business. This way their readers never miss their selling points.

Landing Page 4: Anik Singal

Some of you may know Anik Singal as a digital marketing guru, though some may say otherwise. But one thing is for sure, he has attracted a lot of attention because his online marketing makes you want to buy from him.

Let’s examine one of his landing pages which promotes a free eBook written by another author:

3 Features of Anik Singal’s Landing Page That Could Work For You:

#1: Selling Points in Point Form (Strongly Recommended)

Have you seen a landing page that goes on and on but they only have a few solid points? It’s an awful waste of time and most wouldn’t read finish everything because they don’t see a point to it (You can have a long copy but not a naggy copy).

Point forms are powerful because they help you cut down on the unnecessary words like “ I would like to…”  or repeated points with different phasing, and just get straight to the point. Show your reader what solution you can offer. It’s either they take it or leave it.

#2: Quick Introduction Video

2017 is the year of video. Online users are favouring videos for clear and speedy information. EyeView did an A/B testing and found that 31% more traffic downloaded their software when the landing page included a video to explain the benefits of the platform.

We know that not all companies have the capacity to create video. Don’t worry, as long as you can capture attention and get your readers to understand your product/service benefits, it works as well.

 #3: Obvious CTA button (Strongly Recommended)

The CTA button really stands out in Anik’s landing page. And it is rightfully so. I mean the main purpose is to get them to click on that glorious button and sign up for something right?

But do keep a balance between the size of your CTA button and your content. Make it obvious so that your readers know where to sign up but don’t distract them from your landing page content. This is where you can do an A/B split testing to find out what is the best size for your landing page. A/B split testing is to duplicate your landing page and make a change to a particular element in one of the landing page. In this case, you can make one with a smaller CTA button and another with a bigger CTA button. The site that converts more is your answer to which is the best size of CTA you should adopt.

Landing Page 5: Anthony Morrison

Here is another controversial figure, Anthony Morrison – another digital marketer who manages to successfully convinced others to purchase his online programmes.

His landing page must have contributed a great deal:

3 Features of Anthony Morrison’s Landing Page That Could Work For You:

#1: Create Scarcity (Strongly Recommended)

Dr Cialdini, Professor of Psychology and Marketing, has proven that scarcity creates more demand. The counttime timer creates this sense of scarcity by telling potential participant that they are running out of them to register for the event.

Scarcity can come in many forms like creating a limited edition product or giving a limited amount of free giveaways. Have a thought about have you can create scarcity in your landing page.

#2: No Links To Other Sources (Strongly Recommended)

One of the recommended practises of designing a landing page is to remove any links may direct readers out of the landing page. Think: navigation bar or social media link.

There is a good reason for it. Hubspot did an A/B testing and found that conversion with no navigation bar generates higher conversion across 4 different landing pages which target readers at different buyer’s journey ( we have an article on buyer’s journey in case you are interested to know what it is). So as a rule of thumb, avoid including any external link to your landing page.

#3: Pop-up CTA

Once I click into the site, a pop-up message immediately appears on my screen.We love this because it can really capture attention, but the reader will have to be interested and informed about your product/service prior to their visit to the landing page. Otherwise, the pop-up won’t work. Nonetheless, if you are targeting your landing page to current followers, such a method could be effective since you have established a certain amount of trust with them.

Bonus Landing Page Sample: TangyLab

At Tangylab, we have rich experience in designing landing pages for our client. Our Facebook Lead Explosion Masterclass landing page is written and design based on these market experience.

And it has worked well for us – we have received more than 50+ sign-ups for our first masterclass itself! Tangylab’s landing page is a proof that long landing page can be as persuasive as a short landing page. All you need is the right element in your page…

3 Features of TangyLab’s Landing Page That Could Work For You:

#1: Goal-Orientated but Broad Headline

The trick in forming a persuasive headline is to show your readers what would be the possible goals for them to achieve with the help of your products or service. However, you cannot make it too specific because your readers are the one who adds details to these goals. Based on their situation, they will then imagine what are these specific goals that they want for themselves.

This is a technique that is often used by President Trump and may have positive influence on his social media campaign leading to the election (I swear I came across an article talking about this, but I can’t find the source now – will update this once I found it!).

Almost all out landing page uses such headline and we have *ahem* GREAT results, like how we hope trump will be doing.

#2: Market Callout

Notice how on the very top, there is a shout out to a specific target audience? This tells your readers that the product or service offered is meant for them. It sound like it doesn’t mean much, but to your readers, it’s a sign to them that you have experience in providing solutions to people who are similar to them. You know their pains and challenge they face and is the best person for the job. In the case of this landing page, it would be other business owners who are facing the growth and sales problem in their companies.

So think: What are your usual client buyer personas? What are their pains and challenge that you can solve?

#3: GIF CTA Button

Unfortunately, you can’t see the GIF in the image above. But if you click on the link: www.tangylab.com/Fbleadintensive , you can see that our CTA buttons are in GIF and would catch more attentions than normal 2D CTA buttons. 

The whole point is to make the CTA button obvious for users to notice and, eventually, sign up.

I hope these example could help you with your lead generation efforts! If you want more tips on lead generation, we have an eBook that can help.

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Shirley Yam
Shirley specialises in Facebook marketing and lead generation. Under Tangylab, she has helped local and international companies to achieve their marketing and sales goals through various advertisements and campaigns. She actively seeks to understand customer’s digital behaviour and is interested to share what she has learnt with others to help them optimise their digital efforts.