Technology is ever changing; with the introduction and mass-uptake of technological devices, connecting and getting hold of leads might not be as hard as you thought it would be.

So you may ask yourself: “How does the existing technologies to help grow the sales for my business and how do I tap onto each resources?”

Here, we are going to share with you a simple 3-step process that can help you and your business to generate qualified leads and close sales through the Internet easily.

Lead Nurturing


Stage 1: Get the Right Traffic

At the end of the day, the goal of every business is to increase sales and drive more traffic to their site. In fact, there are many strategies and channels, which you can tap on to drive more traffic to your site. You may find out more about the channels which you can use to increase traffic to your website here.

Getting the right traffic is what every business should focus on and here’s why…

Imagine that you are the salesperson selling a luxurious car and realised that you had spent the past 20 minutes speaking to someone who just want a functional car. It is a totally waste of your time isn’t it?

Likewise, you would want to filter out all unnecessary traffic from your lead generation funnel right at the start before you start spending any of your resources to convince.

The key to getting the right traffic is to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right audience through the right platform with the right targeting method. Yet again, there are so many channels out there so how do you ensure that you have used the right combination of channels to attract the right audience. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that you are driving the right audience to your site.


Stage 2: An Effective Landing Page

Now that you have a set of channels that brings the right traffic to your site, the next thing you would want to do is to generate leads based on the traffic that are coming to your page.

The key to having an effective landing page lies in having a great landing page experience, attractive digital gift and a strong call to action that drives traffic into leads. You may find information on what consist of an effective landing page in our previous post 5 Essential Elements of a Converting Landing Page.

But, do note that chances of getting a perfect high converting landing page experience on the first try are very low. An effective landing page involves constant tracking on how users engage with the your and constantly test the elements on your site such as the hero images, button colours, copy etc… to achieve an optimized experience for your audience.

Here’s a list of some of the tools that could help you optimize your page.


Stage 3: Nuture your Lead

Once you have gotten useful leads through your landing page, your next action would most probably be converting these leads into sales which is also your ultimate goal for the campaign.

Research has shown that companies that excel at lead nuturing can generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost. As such, preparations for this stage should be extensive and not be done with minimal effort. In fact, lead nuturing can be a slow process that spreads out for months depending on the decision stage the buyer is in.

There are many channels in which businesses can tap upon to nuture leads. The 4 most common form of lead nuturing used by companies are Email-Marketing, Webminar, Sales team and phone call. Companies generally mix the different channels up to deliver their message on various buyer touch points.

This article shows an overview of how you can mix the lead nuturing elements up and map your lead nuturing content based on the decision stage your buyer is in.

While working on your lead nuturing strategy, do ensure that your content will add value to your consumer. You might also want to add in an expert/authority tone of voice to enhance the quality of your content.

Lastly, having a sales team that is actively pushing the sales at the right time might help with your lead nuturing strategy.

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Norman Yeo
Norman Yeo is the General Manager of Tangy Lab Group Pte Ltd, a social media agency dedicated to help companies to fulfill their marketing objectives through Digital Marketing. Norman has helped various organizations, from SMEs to MNCs, to build brand loyalty and achieve actual ROI from Digital Marketing. He has increased his client’s reach & engagement by more than 25 times, and generated ROI on Sales of more than 15 times for them. Some of the notable companies he has worked with include 3M Singapore, The Hourglass, NTUC, Sime Darby (Thrifty Car Rental), CapitalMall Asia, AVAYA, SPH Plug & Play, etc.