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3 Effective Ways to Improve Your Online Marketing Strategies

If you are like most entrepreneurs today, it is highly likely that your primary goals include finding ways to deepen customer engagement and improving your search ranking on Google. Whatever your goals may be, the following tips can help ensure you’ll be able to achieve your objectives:
#1: Give mobile a […]

4 Crucial Elements Marketers Need to Know to Improve Their Social Media Marketing Strategies

This 2018, the social networking landscape is expected to shift dramatically. If you are a brand who wants to use social media marketing to fuel brand growth, you need to be aware of these changes.

Understandably, if you don’t update your social media marketing strategy to keep up with the changes, […]

3 Reasons Why Singapore Businesses Should Use Facebook Live

With the suspense and instantaneousness, live content has been trending. People spend a lot of time on their mobile device, keeping themselves updated and entertained with social media. With the psychology of thinking that they would miss out on things if they don’t tune in, this tool that we are […]

4 Secrets To Building Customer Loyalty For Your Brand

We all know it is not easy to attract and retain buyers, building trust is harder. But the first step to building a base of loyal customers for your brand is through authentic content marketing.

It builds trust between you and your prospects and boosts your company’s marketing and image. And […]

Guide To Messenger Ad For Singapore SMEs

Facebook launched Messenger Ad since September last year, but we only started to see it appearing in Singapore last month. There has been a lot of talk about Messenger Ad.

It is the latest ground-break advertising format that has opened up more marketing opportunities for businesses operating on Facebook. And just […]

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Guide To Understanding Messenger Bot for Singapore SMEs

When Facebook first launched Messenger Bot, the world was taken by storm. Many companies were so hyped about it that they all rushed out to try this new tool.

A year on from then, we can see that the bot development journey has been one bumpy ride. But, like any new gadgets, […]

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Create High Conversion Facebook Ad With The Right Buyer-Offer Match

Like any of your other high conversion Facebook ad, your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is at a healthy level, but the conversions just don’t amount to the same sum. No matter how many times you have changed your ad image, it just doesn’t seem to improve.

I totally understand your frustration (everyone starts […]

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Increase Facebook Ad Reach With 3 Ad Elements

I have met many marketers telling me, “My ads doesn’t seem to be getting the same reach and impression as it did in the past! It must be because Facebook is getting too saturated”.

But honestly, it’s just an excuse. No doubt, Facebook is reaching its maximum number of ads they […]

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5 Facebook Targeting for Singapore Businesses You Never Thought of

There is a lot to play around with Facebook’s advance targeting, apart from using its “Custom Audience” and “Look-A-Like Audience”. The thing about Facebook targeting is the number of combination you can enter. You will never run out of targeting with the endless possibilities…

That’s why you shouldn’t limit yourself to the existing […]

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Why SMEs Should Start Content Marketing In Singapore

Content marketing is a popular marketing practise in United States and Europe market that almost every businesses have a content marketing personnel, be it outsourced or employeed.

But it is slow to gain traction in Asia, and definitely in Singapore. Which is actually good news for you….
What Is Content Marketing?
Basically, content marketing […]

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