Facebook launched Messenger Ad since September last year, but we only started to see it appearing in Singapore last month. There has been a lot of talk about Messenger Ad.

It is the latest ground-break advertising format that has opened up more marketing opportunities for businesses operating on Facebook. And just a little FYI, Facebook is Singaporeans’ favourite social media platform – Facebook. But with the introduction of Messenger ad, we are also tapping into Messenger’s user base. We are talking about a user base of 1.2 billion users worldwide and 42% of Singapore Internet users, as of 2017.

What is Messenger Ad?

Messenger Ad basically works like a click-to-website” or link-share ad. Your users see your ad, click on the ad and are brought somewhere else where they can learn more about your offering. The only difference is the destination your users arrive at. Instead of a website, messenger ads bring them to your messenger so that they can ask your page questions directly or interact with your Messenger bot.

Sounds cool? We are talking about a deeper engagement with your Facebook fan. You can now talk to your users through Messenger bots or saved replies or one-on-one conversation.

The only thing is that Messenger ad is limited to users who have messaged you before. You can look at this from both sides of the coin. One, it is a limited pool of audience for SMEs but on the other side, you know these are users that are more invested in your company. They have made the first step to contact you and inquire more about their purchase. This means your offers can be created for users towards the bottom of the funnel, such as the consideration or decision buyer stage. They are also more likely to highly qualified lead that can be converted to buyers. So even if you only have 30 users in your audience pool, the efforts needed to make them into buyers are going to be a lot easier.

What is Messenger Ad For Singapore SMEs?

Facebook has made it clear that it will be rolling out plans to monetise Messenger and Messenger ad is one of the plans. In the near future, you may even be seeing “news-feed like” ads on Messenger.

Credit: TechCrunch

And if you have been following the latest marketing news on Facebook, you would have known that Facebook would be pushing for more advertisers to get on board into implementing Messenger bots in their messenger. And Messenger ad will go hand-in-hand with the popularisation and development of messenger bot (pshh… don’t know what Messenger bot is or what it can do to help your business, read this). Once you have a Messenger bot in your page, you can automate a sales funnel targeted towards these invested buyers, and add in a slew of other ads to bring in more users to interact with your chatbot.

There are lots of ways that marketing and sales objective that you can reach with Messenger ads. It all depends on how you want to include it inside your overall marketing scheme. Just to throw in a few possibilities, you can use it to:

  • Create more opportunities for deeper engagement with potential customers
  • Provide offering or promotion to these invested customers and close new sale
  • Provide comprehensive post-sales customer service experience
  • Create a new sales funnels catered for leads that have been qualified by your marketing department and can be taken over by your sales department
  • Use

Now the key is to get into Messenger platform fast to gain first-mover advantage. It can cost as much as your usual campaign. If I have to put a figure, I would say it can go as low as $200 a month. But with this $200, you can test this Messenger ad format and see how you can convert these highly qualified leads into sales.

Steps To Setup A Messenger Ad

Step 1: Facebook Messenger ad currently only works for ads gearing towards gaining traffic.Step 2: Once you have set with your campaign objective, set your ad placement to “Messenger” next. Don’t bother with other settings within advert set because once you set your placement to “Messenger”, you will realise there are limitations to your audience selection.Bonus Step: You can choose to create an offering that will appear once your user is directed to your messenger. They even created an option where you can use provide code to differentiate this promotion from the other promotion you may be running concurrently.Step 3: Once you have set your placement, this error will pop out. This is where the limitation, which I mentioned, comes to haunt you. Messenger ad can only be reached out to those who have messaged your page. So if you do not have a custom audience of users who have interacted with your page’s messenger, you will have to click “Create new”.Step 4: Clicking “Create new” will direct you to this pop out, which you can then click “Engagement on Facebook”.Step 5: The option “Engagement on Facebook” allows you to choose between the different possible asset that you have uploaded to your Facebook page. Interesting mix, right? This opens up more targetings that you can use for your future campaigns (just not for Messenger Ad, at least not yet)! But for now, let’s get back to our main objective which can be found after you click “Page”.Step 6: Once you reach this popup, select the page that you would like to place your messenger ad. Then select “People who have sent a message to your page” under “Include”. “In the past” option allows you to limit your audience pool based on the number of days that has passed since a user messaged your business page. For most SMEs, we don’t interact with our users often on Messenger, so it would be best if you select “365 days” to get the maximum reach.

Remember to name your custom audience appropriately so that you can use it in the future.Step 7: Once you have finally created your custom audience, you will notice another error in the billing event. I know this is annoying, but it’s easy to fix. This error appeared because Facebook has not created a billing event for “Link clicks” so you just need to go “Optimisation and delivery”> “Optimisation for advert delivery” and change it to “Impressions”.Step 8: Now that you have cleared that error, you will have to input a manual bid for each 1,000 impressions. The best way to gauge the impression bid is to check the CPM of your past “traffic” campaign.Step 9: Now that you have settled your advert set, click “Advert” to input your image and content. Currently, carousel advert format isn’t available for Messenger Ad, but I’m guessing that it will appear in the future.

Let Me Know Your Progress/Results!

That’s all I have. We will be setting up our very first messenger ad as well. Ours will be fully armoured with Messenger bot and an offer. Once we have it up, we will update this blog.

Do share with us your Messenger ad journey as well! We would be very interested to hear about it.

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