Having a digital presence is essential for businesses these days in order to keep up with the technological landscape. It may be one of these or a combination of a website, Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter account or Youtube channel etc. A good marketer would know that he needs to do some form of online marketing in order to compete.

Setting up an account is not the end goal though. Many may expect sales to increase drastically after setting up a Facbook page or website. But not so fast mister! Digital marketing in Singapore takes time and hard work. Above all, it takes a solid plan for it to help your business grow.

So how can you grow your business using digital marketing in Singapore?

#1 Cost Effective Way Of Marketing

All business owners are looking for a way to save on their marketing. The dream would be to get more reach with less spending. Traditional marketing – TV, radio and print was once the best way to market but they are also costly.

So this is where digital marketing can help grow your business with less money! In a Hubspot survey, 30% of marketers report a lower-than-average cost per lead with digital marketing efforts (email and social media). Sounds like music to your ears huh?

#2 Campaign Management

A digital marketing agency in Singapore like Tangy Lab will set up your campaign, establishing the target market, tools, software and platforms you have. Suggestions for other platforms and measuring the results of your efforts are also done to determine what works and what doesn’t.

To start, the agency will define your buyer personas so as to have a clear idea of the target group’s behaviour. This in turn will give you a better idea of what keywords to use in your content and what platforms to promote it on. Above all, we will help integrate your platforms to create a seamless strategy that works across all media.

Lastly, if you are using multiple platforms to compile data, the digital marketing agency will bring them together in order to gain valuable insights and enhance overall marketing efforts.

#3 Facilitates Engagement With Customers

On online platforms, we strive to keep customers included and interested. This means engagment in the form of comments, likes or shares on Facebook. Digital marketing is all about creating content that drives interest and response from the community.

Posting up content is not enough, a successful digital marketing effort would result in interaction. Here are 5 benefits of interacting with your customers:

  • Increased marketing effectiveness with precise targeting
  • Increased customer satisfaction and experience
  • Increased customer retention
  • Driving revenue through personalized offers
  • Increased cross-selling and upselling rates

#4 Build And Maintain Brand Reputation

One of the best ways to get new clients is through word-of-mouth. It relies heavily on your brand to build a reputation amongst the community.

Typically, word-of-mouth is a result of a satisfied customer who brags about their experience or recommends it to a friend asking for a solution to a problem. These customers are known as brand ambassadors.

With the Internet, the world is ever connected and this makes it easier to build a healthy brand reputation and widen the network of brand ambassadors. Social media plays a key role in getting both good and bad feedbacks, allowing you to cater to the needs of your customers. In time, you foster a sense of community and your brand ambassadors will help spread the word of your brand. 

The result: A customer oriented content strategy

A lot of work goes into managing the various platforms and finding solutions for an effective digital marketing strategy. But with an agency like Tangy Lab, you will have more time to run your business while we oversee and execute a plan that increases brand awareness and engagement with customers. So good news to all struggling with digital marketing, we can help!

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Norman Yeo
Norman Yeo is the General Manager of Tangy Lab Group Pte Ltd, a social media agency dedicated to help companies to fulfill their marketing objectives through Digital Marketing. Norman has helped various organizations, from SMEs to MNCs, to build brand loyalty and achieve actual ROI from Digital Marketing. He has increased his client’s reach & engagement by more than 25 times, and generated ROI on Sales of more than 15 times for them. Some of the notable companies he has worked with include 3M Singapore, The Hourglass, NTUC, Sime Darby (Thrifty Car Rental), CapitalMall Asia, AVAYA, SPH Plug & Play, etc.