Discover How I Use This “Lead Generation Model” to Generate 4,437 Leads That Resulted in SGD1,199,280 in Revenue… All in Just 87 Days!

Most businesses out there generate sales by “Word of Mouth”. However, This is a really bad strategy to rely on when growing your business as “Word of Mouth” is passive, meaning that if you intend to grow your business faster, you are suddenly trapped.

My Friend, it is time to take control of how fast your sales is coming in and scale it even faster when you are ready… In the next, 7 minutes, I am going to reveal to you how you can do it…

After interacting with hundreds of business owners, I discovered a key challenge that most businesses have when growing their business…

See if this sounds familiar to you…

Well, business is doing good, not fantastic but good enough for me to put food on the table… But I am sick of being a small and average business… Sick that my business has been staying stagnant for the past few months or even years.

And I have been thinking of growing my business and taking it to the next level. But in order to do that, I need to commit to more expenses without the certainty of a higher income.

And there is a doubt. What if I am unable to bring in the business? Am I prepared to lose thousands or ten of thousands every month? How long do I have before it endanger my own business?

In the past, I have tried other ways of marketing in the papers or even the TV and while it used to work well in the past, recently it have been reducing in effectiveness month by month.

Scary Isnt it?

In fact, If your sales is currently gotten through referral or other passive ways, you will realized that you have little or no control on how fast your sales can come in.

On top of that, Regardless of the industry you are, Sales is the lifeline of your business and one of the most important aspect of your business. The question then is that, are you willing to leave the most important part of your business at the hands of others?

Unfortunately, there is no button which you can press to immediately grow and explode your business… or maybe there is?

Think about it.

There is currently 2 ways to bring sales to your organisation at the moment. The first way is using your time and effort to find clients through networking, cold calling, convassing or even door knocking.

While this may bring you sales fast and at no cost (If you assume your time as free…), the key challenge is that it is not scalable and the pain of rejection over and over again is shave your spirit and motivation day by day. On top of that, because sales is so depandant and limited on your own time.

The other method is by building a marketing system. At the end of the day, a successful marketing system will bring you leads day by day, regardless if you are sleeping, eating, spending time with your family or even on holiday.

All you need to focus on is closing the deal and expanding your team to manage more sales. This is how you can scale your business and make it grow dramatically.

Now, are you looking the limiting way of using your time to acquire sales or are you using the scalable way of acquiring sales through technology and a marketing system?

I hope you make the right decision because to me it is obvious.

If you prefer the limiting way of using your time to acquire sales and is comfortable with a limited income and a highly packed schedule then please close this now.

However, if like me, you want to generate sales while you are spending time with your love ones…

If you are like my clients where you love to be closing sales instead of doing cold calling, then I have a solution for you!

For a limited time and to a limited number, I’ll be offering a…

Complimentary Lead Generation Consultation

Here’s how other entrepreneurs have benefited from my lead generation expertise, and what could be in store for you:

  • The “5A System” – A quick, results driven lead generation system that will bring you a huge Influx of leads that will to keep you busy closing sales easily for the next 3 months… So that you can start boasting your sales and cash-flow.
  • Extract interest and explode your prospect desires through “mind control” techniques that will shorten your sales cycle, thus saving you more time. Finally, You can get rid of all those prospect who are wasting your time low interest “enquiries” and focus on the REAL buying customers instead.
  • Have a predictable flow of lead that will allow you to scale your business at the right time, which can potentially save you thousands or even ten thousands of dollar!
  • Instead of throwing money down the drain trying to figure out how to market on your own, work with somebody who have a proven track record that can help you generate more leads and sales.
  • Leverage on this proven and structured methodology that have successfully helped hundreds of business build a predictable and constant flow of leads.


If you’re sick and tired of a website that doesn’t get results, and you want a lead generation system that can get you crazy-high conversions, then please take action and help me to help you.

I promise that what I’ll share will be powerful stuff that can get you a lot more leads, enquiries and sales… fast.

See for yourself how I helped all those other entrepreneurs get those awesome results. Be my next success story.

It’ll be worth your while!

Talk soon,
Norman Yeo
General Manager of Tangy Lab Group Pte Ltd

Complimentary Lead Generation Consultation