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In the past, marketing start with a stimulus where after your customer sees your ads (Stimulus), they will go to your shop (First Moment of Truth) and make a decision to buy or not to buy. If they buy (Second Moment of Truth), they will experience your products and either buy again from you or share with their friends if they had a positive experience.


The challenge today…

Today, when your audience see your ads, they do not go to your shop immediately! In fact, they will do a lot of digital-ish activity to find out more about your company, your competitors and the industry. This is called the Zero Moment of Truth.


Because of the shift in trend, you need to work on your ZMOT and here in Tangy Lab, our role is to help you dominate your ZMOT. In Tangy Lab, We help you dominate your ZMOT by:

  1. Helping You Reach Out to Untapped Market.
  2. Building a Community of Fans who are interested in your products.
  3. Constantly Engaging them So they Remember You & Your Company.

Building Your Community of Fans

Engaging Them And Turning Them To Active Advocates

Getting Enquiries For Your Business!

Our Services

  • Marketing Foundation – Research & Strategic Consultation
  • Engaging Content Planning – 4 Types of Shareable Content
  • Content Creation – Copy & Visual
  • Community Management
  • Ads Management
  • Detailed Reporting

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