Finding the suitable social media platform mix can greatly strengthen your company branding and advertising. But there are many social media platforms out there! From Facebook to Linkedin, Instagram to Pinterest… You must be thinking, “where should I focus your marketing efforts on?”

Well, that’s definitely a question all business owners or marketing personnel have to ask themselves because the wrong set would not only lead to ineffective marketing– it’s a waste of time, effort or, worse, money.

The best way to decide on the social media platforms is to find out where your local market is surfing on.

Where are my market surfing on?

According to We Are Social, the top three social media platforms that Singaporeans are on are Facebook, Instagram and Google+. And these are definitely the 3 social media that you have to consider:


With 1.13 billion daily active users (reported by Facebook on June 2016), Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. In Jan 2015, 43% of Singaporeans use Facebook in the past month, outperforming all other social media platforms.

How to use Facebook for Business:

While many of us know Facebook as a place to connect to our friends and share articles, photos and videos that are of interest to us and our friends, its business function is quite different. Managing a business account on Facebook means you will need to create and maintain a business page. The business page allows you to post under your company name so that your personal account will not be affected. Like how you use your personal account, you can post comment, photo/video, offers and events on the page. But on the page, you have an added function of creating adverts to push traffic into your website or Facebook page.


Don’t believe Facebook’s all-encompassing reach? This is a screenshot of Facebook’s targeting and that’s just less than a quarter of the available selection!

A sample of the available industries that you target. There are many more options that I just couldn’t squeeze them in.

A sample of the available industries that you target. There are many more options that I just couldn’t squeeze them in.

For example, if I want to reach out to the IT and technical industry in Singapore, I easily reach out to 90,000 users with just one click. However, 90,000 is too big of a target for an effective targeting so, I would suggest narrowing it further with another criteria.

How can Facebook help with your business?

  • Increase website traffic (Best)
  • Convert lead to customer (Best)
  • Create brand awareness
  • Improve communication and interaction with local audiences

Recommended for: All businesses

Marketing Strategies That You Can Go For

  • Post industry-related articles, videos and photos to inform and engage your followers. Occasionally ask them questions and encourage them to share their opinions! By constantly engaging them, you remain at the top of their mind when they realise they need to buy a similar product/service that you can offer.
  • Leverage on direct traffic to your current website to filter and target potential buyers. This is how it works – Facebook is able to track who have been to your website and allows you to create ads that target them. These are potential customers who have shown interest in your company by visiting your site. If you can offer a promotion/discount through Facebook ads, it would be hard for them to resist the offer.
  • Increase customer exposure to your company/brand. Research has shown that brand exposure lead to high favouritism and commitment to the brand. Facebook is a great place to increase the exposure by engaging your customer through eye-catching ads and awesome contents. You can hold Facebook contest to increase your engagement to friends of your followers as well!


Instagram is an up and rising photo-sharing mobile platform. As of June 2016, Instagram has 500 million users worldwide. In Singapore, TNS global revealed that 63% of the connected consumers are using instagram in 2016 while We Are Social reported that 18% of the national population use the app at least once in the past month. Instagram used to be on par with twitter and google+ but it has overtaken Twitter in just one year!

How to use Instagram for business:

Instagram basically allow business engage users through visually appealing videos and photos. It can be related to the company or totally irrelevant (e.g. motivational quotes, but ultimately it must be of interest to your market). In its recent update, Instagram is becoming more business-friendly with the addition of accessible contact button and links to company website. Since Facebook has bought over Instagram in 2012, Instagram shares the same advertising platform as Facebook. So once you start advertising on Facebook, Instagram can be a natural addition to your social media mix.


Sadly, the information on the local demography is limited but, we have pull out the world-wide user demography, which can be used as a gauge!

Sadly, the information on the local demography is limited but, we have pull out the world-wide user demography, which can be used as a gauge!

How can Instagram help with your business?

  • Increase website traffic
  • Create brand awareness (Best)
  • Improve communication and interaction with local audience

Recommended for: Any business with original visual content

Marketing Strategies That You Can Go For

  • Post high resolution photos. Most Instagram users are amateur photographers. Make them want to follow you with attractive images of your product or small information bites. Have a look at some SMEs that are doing right: Vivre Activewear and Lively.
  • Move away from just selling. Engage your followers and let them know what is happening in your company. Having a Christmas celebration coming up? Post it up. Spending the night to prepare for a flea booth or exhibition? Post it up.
  • Ride on current trends! It may be general social trends like Pokemon Go or industrial trend like Facebook’s clickbait update, as long as it is suitable for your company branding, use it. A local company that did this splendidly is Naiise. They create fun and quirkly (which is very inline with their company branding) posts like these:

#3: Google +

Have you heard of Google Plus or Google+? While the number of active Singaporeans on Google+ is a far-cry from Facebook, it is one of the platforms that you can consider. It can help with your SEO visibility (well, it’s a Google app) and you may be tapping into a potential market pool that you have not noticed. However, I would consider this platform with a pinch of salt – many news, such as Business Insider and The New York Times, have touched on the inactivity of Google+ users. In Singapore, 14% of our total national population uses at least once in the past month of Jan 2016. That’s comparable to Linkedin and Twitter, but the caveat of the report is the lack of information on the average time spent on the platform. But, like I said, do take it with a pinch of salt, as the lack of users would also mean less competition and room for new players.

How to use Google+ for business:

Google+ allows users to form Collections where you can post topic-related content to specific audience segment that subscribes to you. It’s Communities functions like Linkedin’s Interest Group or Facebook Group – you get to share contents to a community of like-minded people. Not to forget, it is integrated with an array of Google tools such as hangouts, maps, polls, calendar and many more.


How can Instagram help with your business?

  • Increase website traffic
  • Convert lead to customer
  • Create brand awareness (Best)
  • Encourage communication and interaction with key audiences

Recommended for: Businesses who want to reach out to the tech and engineering niche. If you are targeting photographers and writers, consider Google+ as well. The communities inside are pretty active.

Marketing Strategies That You Can Go For

  • Host your webinars, DIY workshops, tour, etc, on Google Hangouts and invite your Google+ communities/collections. 76% of marketers use videos as a content marketing strategy. It is a great way to educate and inform your potential lead, which in turn helps you to gain credibility as a business. Here is an idea: if you are a consulting firm, offer free consultations to people in your collections. You can try doing it in small focus group to create awareness of your service/brand and then offer one-on-one consultation to interested parties.
  • Segment your collections according to their buyer persons. Buyer persona is a way to categorise your potential buyers based on several important characteristic, which influence their motivation behind each purchase and their ultimate decision to make a buy. It is a high recommended practise used by many marketers and companies to improve their sales and conversion. Here, I have added an eBook for you to read more about how you can adopt it. Once you get your buyer persona right, make your collections work like a loyalty card where you dash out promotions and offers to your platinum followers.
  • Use Google+ to keep track of the latest news on the social media marketing. The great thing about Google+ is that you can follow several well-known social media experts, like Neil Ferree and Lee Odden, and read about the latest updates in the different social media or new marketing strategies.
How have you been using these social media platforms? Feel free to share it with us or if you would like to know more about the Singapore demographics of other social media, let me know as well!
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Shirley Yam
Shirley specialises in Facebook marketing and lead generation. Under Tangylab, she has helped local and international companies to achieve their marketing and sales goals through various advertisements and campaigns. She actively seeks to understand customer’s digital behaviour and is interested to share what she has learnt with others to help them optimise their digital efforts.