Content marketing is a popular marketing practise in United States and Europe market that almost every businesses have a content marketing personnel, be it outsourced or employeed.

But it is slow to gain traction in Asia, and definitely in Singapore. Which is actually good news for you….

What Is Content Marketing?

Basically, content marketing is to distribute useful content to potential buyers to hook them in before asking them to buy your product/service. Content marketing can come in various format – a free article (like this article), eBook or video, and the content inside these format should help them get a better understanding on their needs/wants for your product.

I have to reiterate. It’s a better understanding on your buyers’ needs/wants, and not your product. So if you are a ecommerce store, directly talking about the benefit of your product isn’t content marketing. Getting your potential buyers to understand the common misconception when buying something similar to your products or sheding light on the common challenge your customer faced when making a purchase is. Get the difference?

Some may say it may sounds like aimless distribution of valuable information, but it is actually a long-term branding game that generates high-quality leads and massive returns by gaining the trust of your potential leads.

And in this digital age, it’s even easier for content marketing to succeed! Gone are the days where we throw product information out to the mass blindly. Think: distribute flyers to random passer-by. You can easily reach out to your potential buyers through advance targeting feature on social media, such as Facebook, and find them through their google keyword search.

How Do Content Marketing Attract Leads?

You build credibility by putting up helpful content that your customer need/want to know. Good content would be able to help them to achieve their goals or solve a problem, albiet to a limited extend. But if your content can provide value to your readers, even if its just a little, they will go “this company really gets me!” or “I never really thought about it this way!” and start to trust you. Once they begin to trust you, they are more likely to purchase from your company when they found a need for your product/service.

That said, these content still have to drive sales. That’s why a lot of these content should subtly substantiate why your product/service is good and slowly convert them into your supporters as well.

To top it off, MBC Research surveyed 501 millennials and 62% of them reflected that online content drives their loyalty to a brand. The beauty about customer loyality is that you spend lesser money per purchase on the retained customers than on new customers. That’s why 43% of SMEs in America says that improving customer experience and retention is their top strategy to improve revenue growth.

The best part is some happy customers will eventually turn into your “brand ambassador”; they will recommend their friends and family to you, allowing you to grow organically.

For example, in Tangylab, we are a social media agency who provide valuable content on Facebook marketing and lead generation. The benefit of a social media agency service is our ability to help you solve your marketing and business challenges. Hence, our content are written are in that way, but we cannot offer you a complete solution because each industry has it own nuaces. Our content is may not be a solution to all businesses and may only be able to provide inspiration only. Nonetheless, many business owners and marketers have feedback to us that because we offer great content, they have been sharing with their friends about Tangylab. And we do have a few good referral because of this power of word-of-mouth.

Why Should You Start Content Marketing NOW?

#1.  It is a relatively new marketing strategy in Singapore.

If you start now, you definitely have a competitive edge. According to a study done by Aberdeen, pacesetting company had 7.8X higher year-over-year growth in unique site traffic compared to followers (19.7% VS 2.5%). So starting now not only gives your chance to be a thought-leader but also a pacesetter in your niche.

#2.  It cost lesser than traditional marketing and  improves your overall marketing ROI.

To be exact,  content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads. That’s an especially good news for SMEs with limited budget.

Once your content marketing takes off and stabilises, which means you have successful become a thought-leader, your organic growth is going to increase exponentially. All your other marketing strategies will have perform better because now your brand is associated with as being helpful, relevant and trustworthy.

#3.  There are many existing content marketing resources on the net that make it easy to start.

For starters, you have Tangylab’s blog, which brings you localised content marketing trends and tips (you can go to the right column to subscribe with us if you want!). There are many other content marketers out on the net, giving free and valuable information, such as Market Interactions and Content Marketing Institute. Though these blogs are based on Western market and may need tweaking to meet the Singaporean market, you can still use the foundation and knowledge.

Many of them are in fact catered to small business because content marketing as they themselves are small business owners.


Content marketing is a huge upcoming thing. Be the pacesetter and start your content marketing while you have the advantage.

I am hoping to share more on the content marketing strategies that small businesses can start on. But till then, I have an ebook on content creation that you might be interested to read on. It will touch on how you can create engaging content – an essential for content marketing.

(Bonus) Content Marketing in Singapore

Content marketer, Carmelo Hannity, rightly pointed out, that Asians has a focus on community, local values and low prices. We have also noticed such trends in our content marketing.

For example, our current top post is on “5 Sites For Free, High-Resolution Stock Images”.When Pokemon Go was just released in Singapore, our article on “5 Ways Retail Marketers Can Leverage on Pokemon Go To Boost Their Social Media Presence” was very well-received too.If you are starting your content marketing, do consider these trends and try experimenting!

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Shirley Yam
Shirley specialises in Facebook marketing and lead generation. Under Tangylab, she has helped local and international companies to achieve their marketing and sales goals through various advertisements and campaigns. She actively seeks to understand customer’s digital behaviour and is interested to share what she has learnt with others to help them optimise their digital efforts.